Deciding who to marry is a huge decision. You’ve made that important one, let us help you with the rest. Wedding photography can be overwhelming. We’ll walk you through the process of deciding what wedding photography you want, and how to get it done just the way you’ve dreamed it. Wedding photographer serving South Western Ontario.


Story Photography believes this is not a “sure, I can shoot your wedding” type of event. Your wedding deserves a much greater commitment from a photographer. We are committed to meeting with you to discuss and decide what you need as far as the day itself as well as how you want to see your images after. It is a sad and unfortunate fact that 87% of couples do not get their wedding images printed. The thought that they will get them into a wedding album or scrapbook are lost in the business of getting back to work after the honeymoon and the rest of life commitments that get in the way. My commitment is to provide a full proof book of your images so you have something to hold in your hand, take to show grandma or ponder by candle light when the computer crashes. You deserve that, not just a USB to shove in the drawer. From there, you can decide on what images to include in your album which we will design together with you, along with which images to put on your walls. You are not alone. We’ll do the extra work for you so you don’t have to be overwhelmed by all the decisions and time obligations of printing AFTER your special day is done.


Because of the way we’ve chosen to offer our wedding services with extensive consultations and personal service before and after your wedding day, wedding bookings are limited to 7 per year. This is an exclusive way of operating wedding photography and cannot be compared to those who offer just a USB of your images. Call us today for a consultation to see if our specialized personal service is what you need for your wedding photography. Then you can make an informed choice for your wedding day photography.

Full wedding packages and budget inquiries welcome.