The Story


This is my story. I’m a storyteller. I’m also a photographer. To be able to portray my thoughts and imagination so others can see what I envision is an amazing feeling. My images are my novel. The characters are you.

Everyone has a story. It may be it happy, sad, victorious, mundane, chaotic or peaceful. The fact remains, it’s YOUR story. As a photographer it is both an honour and a thrill to capture each unique story set before me. Sometimes these images are purposely orchestrated, sometimes they are so spontaneous it’s crazy! Every session is a challenge and a blessing.

All too often we are caught up in the digital world and a motion blurred streak on a cell phone is all we have to document an important life event. Story Photography was conceived from this sad reality. It’s time to stop and take the picture. When you book a session or have us document your event, you secure that important point in time, forever.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, allow us to illustrate your distinct and incredible novel with photographic images professionally edited and presented.

Everyone has a story. Yours deserves to be told.

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